About Us

Hi, I'm Gregorio Punzano. I like to solve problems, build things and learn. He has grown obsessed with computers and the internet. I guess that's why I like it and I'm building one of the best brands, democratizing access to the largest group of users.

The biggest problem that is seen today in the world is an obsolete industry, which only looks for a result, without highlighting the real value, which is the user. Its sole purpose is to make sales to obtain a final result of the month.

My mission is to create a collective brand focused on people. My goal is to create a team capable of generating and projecting this type of results. Through Mcwatchesco.com, we are designing and building unique products, of high quality and with a final perceived value of our customers excellent. So far we have more than 1,000,000 previews of the brand. We have goals of more than 1 billion ahead.




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