Luxury vehicles become SUVs

Jaguar, Mercedes and Porsche renew their 4x4 and sport utility vehicles. The key: design, features ... and all the connectivity of the modern world.




If it's not broken, you do not need to touch it. This is how the philosophy of the G-Class design is summarized, one of the tops of the 4x4 concept that has been more or less intact for almost 40 years. The Mercedes dealer is an iconic figure, a car immune to the passage of time that retains its figure, typical of more beautiful and adventurous eras. He just had to renew himself inside. With hundreds of off-road innovations that are summarized in one: the G-Mode, an intelligent off-road mode that adapts only to any surface and situation, be it earth, mountain ...


The faithful of the brand did not give credit when, just over 15 years ago, the German firm entered fully into a segment that was not at all sexy, under a single premise: What would a 911 be like if it were a sport utility vehicle, an SUV? The answer: Cayenne. Today, two generations later and after a success that neither the brand suspected, the range reaches its third version. And he reformulates the question: What would a Cayenne be like in 2018? On this occasion, the key lies in its turbo engines, its hyperconnected interior and its ability to stay true to Porsche's DNA.



Rover has reinvented the sports utility vehicle -sports utility vehicle or, what is the same, SUV- with its E-PACE range: a five-seat high-performance, dynamic, intelligent ... and connected. Their Ingenium engines are as gentle as they are ecological, without losing the thrill of driving. Configurable in transmission, accelerator and direction, passengers can enjoy Touch Pro, the system that makes the car an extension of your favorite apps, with up to eight devices connected.