How to handle stress before your wedding?

Reaching the expectations of one of the most significant days of your life (at least as a couple) is not easy. Therefore, we propose the best plan to disconnect and share with your friends.

como manjejar el estres de una boda

  • "How is your dress going to be?"
  • "Have you already booked the restaurant for the banquet?"
  • "Do you know how you are going to sit the guests?"
  • "Do you have any idea what flowers you want from the centerpiece?"

These are some of the many questions that haunt the fiance in the months after the announcement of their commitment. As the discount time runs out, every minimum detail accumulates in a large list of minimum details and forms a distressing loop of decisions that end up being presented as crucial.

There are few cases of couples suffering stress in the months prior to their wedding. The phrase "everything must be perfect and original" falls like a slab. Worst?

That ends by leaving aside the most important part: celebrate love and enjoy. Although many couples have the presence of a wedding planer, the runrún because everything goes round and meet the expectations ends up saturating anyone. And it not only affects the protagonists of the event, but also the family and closest friends.

Perhaps the endless list of preparations is not optional. Companies like, the leading nuptial portal of the sector, and have devised ideal plans for brides (and their relatives or friends) that you want to disconnect in the months (or days) prior to their big day., a firm dedicated to the bridal sector, has promoted an event where future brides can share their concern and turn it into inner peace. This experience is created focused on self-care and with the intention of generating users a positive memory on the eve of their link.

What does it consist of?

The party is celebrated in a secret location, with a relaxing and careful atmosphere. The epicenter of the day is made up of two yoga masterclasses and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training); rising trends in the world of sports and meditation. Thanks to these exercises, you can first download the accumulated negative tensions and second, relax thanks to meditation. The importance of a healthy life and healthy eating are crucial to maintain balance in our lives.

After this phase, attendees can enjoy talks and different experiences related to weddings: they can prepare their nails for the occasion, comb their hair in the future event (or not), enjoy makeup sessions, lettering. launched the first edition of the event a few weeks ago. And some influencers did not want to miss it. Among them María F. Rubíes, Sonia Marí Andrés or Bea Eguiraun who shared in their followers their satisfaction after the experience. Some 80 women, including brides and bridesmaids, were invited to the party. All enjoyed the personal advice and experiences of the prescribers themselves. mcwatchesco