A Bright Future With Sustainability And Unique Luxury

Stella McCartney // MCWATCHESCO.

Brand Sustainability

A meeting place like every season, at the opera garnier, for this parade attended by antoine and delphine arnault and sidney toledano since the brand joined the lvmh fashion group. an even more responsible collection with the environment than the previous one, through new developments such as all clothing and knitwear made of ecological textiles.

Collection: soft summer colors for pieces with half moons such as rounded contours, creating fluidity and volume.

The skirts have a slit in the center and the suits are proposed in a version of loose shorts. Details such as striped games, ribbons on the sleeves, volumes and denim patchwork emphasize the urban and fresh spirit of the collection.

The flowers are found in men's suits. Focus on the latest model wearing a poncho with green pants. to consider: earrings and bags xxl, including the latest models in natural raffia made by artisans in Madagascar. with interviews: stella mccartney: we have developed more and more materials over time since last season and we have just presented them. on the catwalk, therefore, we have what we always have, all sustainable cottons, polyester, viscose and recycled nylon and, obviously, we don't use any animal products, but we introduced things like making recycled polyester, so we only had one largest group of the content of the show. I think there is a true femininity in the collection.

We have floral prints and there is a lot of movement, a lot of fluidity, but there always has to be a little strength. in Stella I don't like things too beautiful, I don't like things too beautiful. it's about finding that delicate moment. Paul McCartney: It was a beautiful show.

The clothes were magnificent, she is a great designer and I am her father. Amber Valletta: It's amazing to walk on Stella.

Stella represents what the entire fashion industry should be doing, without leather, without skins, without animals, and using all sustainable materials and really innovating and driving the future of fashion.